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Risk assessment
This family of measures includes a number of different ways in which an organisation or the railway industry identifies risks in normal or special circumstances. This is an underpinning measure which supports decision-making and targeting of other measures. It is considered an organisational (...)
Learning from best practice
This family of measures includes different ways in which a railway organisation or decision-maker can improve their knowledge and skills regarding suicide and trespassing prevention. This is an underpinning measure which supports decision-making and targeting of other measures. It can also (...)
Collaboration between organisations
This family of measures includes national partnerships as well as local ones (e.g. linked to a specific route or geographical area) to produce better joint working between a range of organisations and agencies. These measures underpin or support the implementation of many other measures. The (...)
Societal collaboration to prevent railway suicide
This family concerns the close collaboration between different concerned actors in order to stop the railway traffic before an incident happens. The service that first becomes aware of a potential incident request and receives a temporary traffic shut down. The aim is to create good conditions (...)
Information sharing at regional level
This family concerns the surveillance of individuals at risk based on intelligence about those at risk and knowledge of high risk locations. The principle is that there is a system or an organisation that can provide an alarm to somebody that the concerned person is approaching the tracks. It (...)
Cooperation of the police and legal entities
This family of measures consists of improving cooperation with the police and involved external agencies before and during an incident. It is considered an organisational and processes family because it deals with organisation, cooperation, preparation and processes between entities before an (...)
Safety and emergency devices at stations
This family of measures consists of emergency devices, information and contact arrangements to enable rapid intervention when problems occur. This information is usually displayed at stations posters, signs, screens, billboards etc. to provide passengers or bystanders the information on what to (...)
Media guidelines
This family of measures consists of interventions which attempt to optimise the communication about suicides in order to promote correct and ethical information about the phenomenon, as well as to avoid contagion effects. It is considered an educational family because it is concerned with the (...)
Training to prevent suicide
This family consists of training programs dedicated to railway personnel at railway stations or other locations where the staff may be present, in order to identify and approach people at high risk for suicide. It is considered an educational family because it teaches the railway staff how to (...)
Training to prevent trespass
This family consists of preventative training programs for different categories of the railway staff. The goal is to help railway staff prevent trespassing problems by rising awareness with respect to this issue and preparing them to cope with a possible trespassing incident. It is considered (...)