24.1 Training of staff to identify different trespassers


What does this measure refer to and what is its objective?

The goal of this measure is to help railway staff prevent trespassing problems by preparing them to identify and approach different types of trespassers. This measure is suitable for the personnel at stations, crossings, or other situations where staff may be able to identify a trespasser and start an intervention. This type of training is complementary to the gatekeeper training in the sense that it prepares the staff to detect people at risk (not restricted to suicide) and to recognize and approach different trespasser profiles (e.g., youngsters, thieves, homeless people looking for shelter, people in a hurry taking a shortcut, disoriented tourists, etc.).


Best practice and lessons learned

  • The training program might not be as intensive as gatekeeper training.

Warning points

Expected difficulties and issues you should pay attention to


Other points that you should not forget

Study results

Data or other evidence supporting the measure's effectiveness

last update: 2014-06-09